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Product show » EVA & Rubber Mat » 8167A
Product Name : EVA & rubber mat
Model. : 8167A
Call me: 86-577-88959187
Email to me :
Product Parameters:


Material: 100recycled rubber crumb

Color: red blue green yellow  othersavailable  according to the order quantity

Application: Park Playground Weight Room Exercise  Areas Golf Club Houses. Locker Room Pro Shops ICE  Arenas Dugouts. Rooftop patio etc

 Size; 50cm×50cm×2.0cm

 Size; 50cm×50cm×2.5cm

 Size; 50cm×50cm×3.0cm

 Size; 50cm×50cm×3.5cm

Size; 50cm×50cm×3.8cm

Size; 50cm×50cm×4.0cm

Size; 50cm×50cm×4.5cm

Size; 50cm×50cm×5.0cm


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